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Another samurai residences street

Tamachi Bukeyashiki-dori


Another samurai residence street in Kakunodate

When the Ashina family built the town in 1620, 80 flag samurai will live in "Tamachi" on the south side of the town, apart from the samurai residences in the inner town. They were samurai who received the grace from Naomi Satake, the lord of the Akita domain.
In 1656, the Satake Kita family came to rule Kakunodate, and they were separated from those who moved to Uchimachi and those who received the grace from the Satake Kita family.

The Tamachi Samurai Residence is not designated as a national conservation area, but the old blackboard fences, spring cherry blossoms, and autumn leaves are spectacular.

Spots known to those in the know

Kakunodate is famous for the samurai residence street in Uchimachi, but the Tamachi samurai residence on the Tomachi side is an interesting spot known to those in the know.

The "Nishimiya family", a samurai residence with five warehouses, the "Shinchosha Memorial Literature Museum" built in prayer for the founder of Shinchosha, the "Ota family" in Tamachi, and the "Shimoshinmachi Ota family" in Shimocho, Tamachi. You can feel the flow of the times from the Edo period to the modern era, such as the "fir tree", "gate", and "blackboard fence" that represent the fun of the samurai residence.
Literally, "The birthplace of the mother of the Akutagawa Prize winner (Yojiro Ishizaka)"
"Akutagawa Prize Winner (Yuichi Takai) Related Locations"
There are many intriguing episodes such as "The birthplace of the translator of the Louvre Insects". When you visit Kakunodate, please take a walk here as well.

Detailed Information

Street address
Akita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate Machida-cho
Street address(Japanese)
Street addressAkita Prefecture Semboku City Kakunodate Machida-cho
Street address(Japanese)秋田県仙北市角館町田町