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Traditional crafts

Kabazaiku (Kabazaiku cherry bark crafts) over Kabazaiku


Kabazaiku of Kakunodate

The technique of kabazaiku is transmitted to the Kakunodate is Tenmei year (1781-1788). Under the generous protection but was Tenaishoku of junior samurai of feudal lord, the technique went well established. Kabazaiku is a craft that has issued a glossy polished using the bark of the wild cherry tree. Inroya paperback input, tea caddy, currently being utilized to meet the needs in the range has been certified to the first "traditional crafts" in 1976 Akita Prefecture. Bark of the wild cherry tree is moderately suck the air, the characteristics of the moisture-proof Boinui to shut off the air of the internal oil that is attached to the skin, will be safety no Mino freshness. The skin is used for, such as every other wooden spigot and medicine in order that, luxurious gem.

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