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Kabazaiku cherry bark crafts(Sakurahide) -Kabazaiku-


Kakunodate birch work

The technique of Kabazaiku was introduced to Kakunodate during the Tenmei era (1781-1788). Although he was a low-ranking samurai, the technique became established under the generous protection of the feudal lord. Kabazaiku is a craft that is polished using the bark of wild cherry blossoms to give it a luster. Inroya Bunko, tea canister, now used in a wide variety of ways to meet needs, was certified as the first "traditional craft" in Akita Prefecture in 1976. The bark of wild cherry blossoms absorbs air moderately, and the moisture-proof and dry-proof properties that the oil on the skin blocks the air inside protects the freshness of the contents. That is why leather is used for wooden inro and medicine holders, and it is a luxurious gem.

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