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Hot Springs is How about after the walk Kakunodate

Hot springs in Kakunodate


Kakunodate Onsen Kayoukan Co., Ltd

Spring quality: Calcium sodium, sulfur salts Izumi, alkaline, hypotonic

pH: 8.5

Indications: arteriosclerosis, burns, cuts, chronic skin diseases, muscle pain, joint pain, chronic digestive disease, fatigue recovery

Day trip bathing: ○

Kakunodate Onsen

Spring quality: Calcium sodium, chloride, sulfate Izumi

pH: 8.6

Bath of applicable diseases: arteriosclerosis, cuts, burns, chronic skin disease, frail children, chronic gynecological muscle pain, joint pain, chronic digestive disease, indications of fatigue recovery recuperation Izumi: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain , frozen shoulder, sprains, exercise paralysis, bruises, joint stiffness, complete digestive disease, Ji疼, sensitivity to cold, illness recovery period, fatigue recovery, health promotion

Day trip bathing: ○

Kakunodate Sanso Wabizakura

Izumi quality: Alkaline simple hot spring

pH: 9.6

Indications: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, bruises, chronic digestive disease, Ji疼, poor circulation, fatigue recovery

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