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It produced from one original T-shirt Goods!

Original print workshop J-COM


Including T-shirts, printed on various items OK!

In our shop, T-shirts Other than polo shirts and hoodies, jumpers, etc., for a variety of items, you can print original.
The item will be available in our shop.
In your favorite photo or design, why not try to make the original goods of only one in the world?

Original towels, mugs, Please leave well as Kifuda!

In addition to the T-shirt print, you can create a variety of original goods.
Towel Mugs & laser engraving Kifuda, such as stickers, are also welcome orders from one.

Also available embroidery of name or mark

You can put the name in embroidery, such as T-shirts and towels. Embroidered logo or family crest is also available.
With a combination of color and typeface of the thread, and finish the original embroidery of you only.

Also doing planning and sales of original products

Such as for use in the festival "headband" and "backpack", original products also are sold.
This product was created to, even in our in-Star grams, so we have to introduce, please have a look.
ID Instaguram: Jcom_original_print

Nationwide shipping is also available

If you take your time to production, it is also possible to deliver at a later date mailing.
Such as the texture of the T-shirt, it is actually recommended for those who want to be ordering from sure items with your own eyes.

You can contact us also from LINE

Various inquiries, it also accepts from LINE.
Contact us, please visit the website.
J-COM website ⇒ Https://Jcom-shop.Com/
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Street addressAkita Prefecture Kakunodate Ogata Mano 21-1
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