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2020 Kakunodate the end of the year bargain sale kicks off!


Tatemachi is the end of the year bargain sale opening the shop Association organized! !

If your shopping at the sale merchant

1 piece of lottery auxiliary ticket for each 500 yen,

Lottery tickets you get one in every 5,000 yen.

You can lottery once with a single auxiliary ticket 10 sheets or lottery tickets.

■ offering period Reiwa 2 December 15 (Tuesday) - New Year, January 2 (Saturday)

■ station of lottery venue town Tatemachi (outside the town alternating current square)

■ lottery period Reiwa 2 December 29 (Tuesday) - New Year January 3 (Sun)

■ lottery time and 11:00 to 16:00

- December 31, 2008 13:00

- New Year's Day 13:00 to 16:00

Let's go out to the end of the year bargain sale of merchandise coupons, and the like which can be used in cash or offering merchants hits! !

For more information, such as prize money, products and merchants please refer to the flyer here (PDF data)

Lottery are now on display dolls of the Kakunodate-Matsuri no Yama-Gyoji"outside the town exchange Square" in has become a venue!

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