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[Kakunodate Tewi of the sum] Christmas Eve limited! Guidance of special accommodation offer with LIVE appreciation

【和のゐ 角館】クリスマスイブ限定! LIVE鑑賞付き特別宿泊プランのご案内

[Tewi Kakunodate of the sum] December 24, at (Thursday) by way of limitation, and the appreciation of the hotel's limited LIVE in Kakunodate Kabazaiku Densyokan, a group hotel "Tewi Kakunodate of the sum" in the room of your stay after the end a certain "Hotel Metropolitan Akita" special night with two meals plan to enjoy the Christmas hors d'oeuvres, etc. we prepared.

Please check for reservations plan details [Tewi of the sum] thank you access to BOOKING page.

details and reservation page is here.

※ This plan is available apply for reservation of more than 2 persons.

※ please understand if sold out because it becomes a first-come, first-served basis in the limited three sets like.

※ meal is an image.

Why not this year of Christmas Eve try to spend a special night?


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