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2018 fiscal year, "Tazawa yam festival of the phantom"


[Tazawa yam festival of vision]

Certain features and take advantage of the high scarcity value "Tazawa yam", which is grown in Semboku City Tazawa area

The development of "food", as well as creating a bustle to the local by the announcement event held food,

It is a brand strengthening, as well as events for the purpose of achieving a regional force up local "Tazawa yam".

Dates: 2018 November 24 (Saturday) 9:00 am to noon

Place: Municipal Tazawako Hospital Parking

Sales of "Tazawa yam": the contents

[Between the time] 9:00 am to noon

[Location] City Tazawako hospital parking lot

[Sales method] purchase reserved tickets than 8:30 am (your up to one person five) distribution

Standard selling price 700 yen / Kg

- it will reach the sales volume (400) as soon as the end

Contact: Semboku Commerce and Industry Association Tazawako Branch (0187-43-0372)

Organizer: Semboku Commerce and Industry Association, local products take advantage of Promotion Committee

Cooperation: Tazawa regional governing bodies, yam producers

Supported by: Semboku City

Event information