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Astronomical phenomena exhibition seen in Satake north house diary

佐竹北家日記にみる天文現象展 開催

It will be held the "astronomical phenomena exhibition seen in Satake north house diary" at Shinchosha Kinen Bungakukan.

Kakunodate, such As you can interested in the solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, comet appeared people also Satake north house diary are not interested in the exhibition and ancient documents recorded by the panel from among the diary of the feudal lord who by 220 years of exhibition It has become a!

Opening Hours 9:00 to 16:30 (Admission until 4:00 PM)
※ is until 17:00 in November (Admission afternoon 16:30)

Closed Mondays (public holidays opened)

Admission fees for adults (more than high school students) 300 yen elementary and junior high school students 150 yen

※ There is group discount, Semboku citizens Free

Telephone 0187-43-3333 (Semboku City learning museum common)

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