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Station a separate excursion


It will hold a picnic Akita style "Nabekko excursion" in Tazawako Station! Behavior of new alone with Kiritanpo pot-Kiritanpo miso pot, we are looking forward to offer the dishes delicious, such as stew and pork miso soup with! Of course, beer, there is also a sake!
Chibikko love! Akita dog also come.

Superb view where you can enjoy the fall foliage surrounding mountains.
♬ the Akita of autumn in the outdoor mood
We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Date: November 4 (Sun) 10:30 to 15:00
Location: JR Tazawako Station Square [Kiritanpo Misonabe limited total of 200 meals behavior! ]
①11: 30 ~ / ②12: 20 ~

Such as with, such as stewed pork miso soup Taberusuki's sausage char grilled draft beer sake: Food store openings.

★ parking is available and free parking near the station.

※ For details of the event information you can confirm from the attached file below.

Event information