Nabekko excursion in front of the station


A picnic Akita style "nabekko excursion" will be held in front of Lake Tazawa station! We are waiting for you to prepare delicious dishes such as the behavior of the new Kiritanpo hot pot and Kiritanpo miso hot pot, stewed motsuni and pork soup! Of course, we also have beer and sake!
I love little kids! Akita dogs will also come.

The surrounding mountains are a spectacular view where you can enjoy the autumn colors.
Feel the outdoors in autumn in Akita ♬
We look forward to welcoming everyone.

Date and time: Sunday, November 4th, 10: 30-15: 00
Location: JR Tazawako Station Square [Kiritanpo Miso Nabe Limited 200 meals behavior! ]
① 11: 30 ~ / ② 12: 20 ~

Eating and drinking establishment: Stewed pork soup Tabersky's sausage Iwana salt-grilled draft beer Sake etc.

★ Free parking is available around the station.

* For details on event information, please see the attached file below.

Event information