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~ Lake Tazawa - Dragon Festival presents ~ Dragon SUMMER



The 50th Lake Tazawa-Dragon Festival, but was postponed to the next fiscal year (Reiwa fourth year),

Migratory type planning Ya of avoiding the dense towards the visitors to local

Implementation of the beginner's experience, do the recruiting poster work.

※ will be up at a later date details of each project so to enjoy ♪

Installation of ① KIND OF FLUID

◎ Place the head portion of KIND OF FLUID which is said to be Japan's largest in the event plaza.

Installation period: July 17 to 25 days

Implementation of ② Dragon SUMMER Photo Contest

◎ "shine" using the mini Torii will be posted to instagram the image.

Get the prize (voucher 50,000 yen) to one person

Posted Period: July 17 - August 22

Examination and presentation and dispatch: early September schedule

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③ Ryushirushi Festival (Stamp Rally)

◎ a stamp in the affiliated store usage 500 yen of peripheral facilities Tazawako, you win a prize in a lottery.

Stamp 7: 10,000 yen worth of specialty products five

Stamp five: 5000 yen worth of specialty products 10 people

Stamp three: 3,000 yen worth of specialty products 20 people

Lottery and dispatch: mid-September schedule

Mount Download here.

④ Ryusagu Festival (riddle)

◎ round the Tazawako while solving the mystery. There is prize for participation to all participants.

Implementation Period: July 17 to August 31, 2008

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※ There was an error in the flyer of the problem. Since there is a corrected version in the above link, sorry to trouble you, please check there.

⑤ Akita outdoor-based beginner Experience Day

◎ set the low cost and short time of beginner experience date than the normal fee

◎ experience menu (Company name)

Tent sauna (Tazawakosauna)

· BBQ (BBQ +)

· SUP (TAZAWAKO SUP HOUSE / Akita Adventure Guide)

· Kayak (Tazawako Outdoor Tour)

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Recruitment of ⑥ 50th poster work

◎ "Tatsuko", "Dragon", "Tatsuko and the Dragon" or the theme of the work (Painting, Illustration, Photography) Wanted

In addition to adopting the Best Picture as the 50th of posters, prepare a supplementary prize

Until December 31, 2011: Application period

Review and Determination Date: Reiwa four years in mid-January

Lake Tazawa - Dragon Festival FaceBook is here

Contact: Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center "Folake"

Telephone 0187-43-2111

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