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Kakunodate station opened 100 anniversary events held! !

角館駅開業100周年 記念イベント開催!!

Come 2021, July 30 (Friday), Kakunodate station will celebrate the opening of the 100th anniversary!

As a memorial event, it will be carried JR East Akita branch, Tazawako, Kakunodate Tourism Association, the "Thank you for 100 years" in the three-party cooperation of Semboku City.
At the same time opening the Ugo-Nagano Station, it will be the cooperation and efforts with Ugoyotsuya Station (both Daisen).

posting of station opening 100 anniversary banners

Kakunodate station, Ugo-Nagano Station, and posting banners to Ugoyotsuya Station.
Posting period: 2021 July 30 (Friday) to September 30 (Thursday)

souvenir gift

July 30 (gold) than 9:00, and then presents a hard ticket "station opened 100 anniversary" of 3 Station common design to the first 500 people in Kakunodate station ticket gate (lasts).

◆ held "Kakunodate station opened 100th anniversary commemorative photo and the episode Exhibition" ◆

A nostalgic photo surrounding Kakunodate station to station overpass (2-line 3 Contact passage) will be on display about 26 points.
In addition, it will showcase the nostalgic episodes station that you approach from local residents to Semboku City Tourist Information Center "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura".
(1) exhibition period: 2021 July 30 (Friday) to August 22 (Sunday)
(2) customers who made a photo exhibition to view it, on the receive the our voice We only to the station employees of the turnstiles "photo exhibition admission ticket", please admission.
(3) episode Exhibition, please enjoy during business hours of "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura"(9:00 to 18).

※ Please note that there is a case where I am allowed to restrict the admission number of people to avoid the dense.

In addition, "Shinkansen deformation Robo Shinkarion" E6 Komachi and exhibitions & railway goods sale corner store openings, opening of the kitchen car, such as rickshaw ride experience are planned.

For more information here please visit.

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