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Naked visit of Matsuba and Aiuchi [Cancelled]


We would like to inform you that the "Matsuba / Aiuchi Naked Visit" scheduled to be held in 2022 has been canceled as a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection .

We are very sorry to report to everyone who was looking forward to the event, but we appreciate your understanding.

[Inquiries] Nishiki Tourist Information Center Phone: 0187-42-8480

What is Matsuba / Aiuchi's naked visit?
It is an annual event where young people with a loincloth cleanse themselves in the Hinokinai River and pray for the fire-free of the year at Kompira Shrine by trampling on the deep snow.
Young people who have been cleansed by the clear stream of the Hinokinai River wear "Kendai" knitted with straw on their waists and wear straw socks on their white socks and run bravely in the village. Receive "Torsion Hatsuko" and "Candle" from the actors in the four corners on the way, run up to Asahiyama at once, and pray to Kompira-gu. After praying, tie the "Kendai" on the waist, tie the string-cut waraji to the sacred tree, have a sacred sake, and then go down the mountain. (City-designated intangible folk cultural property).

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