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Akita Flower Travelogue 2022

あきた花紀行 2022

Flowers that announce spring to Semboku City,

"Tazawako Sashimaki Wetland Mizubasho"

"Katakuri colony of Yatsu, Nishiki-cho"

"Weeping cherry tree on Kakunodate Shidarezakura Street"

" Someiyoshino on the Hinokinai River bank in Kakunodate "

We will update the appearance of each flower from time to time.

Updated on April 29 (Friday / holiday )

The leaves of skunk cabbage have grown and the end has come to an end.

Location ▶ Tazawako Sashimaki Marsh

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Updated on Saturday, April 30

◆ Notice of change in closing date of Katakuri Community Town
We were blessed with good weather this year, and the flowering of Katakuri came to an end earlier than planned.
We would like to ask you to visit us, but we will close the park on April 30th (Saturday), which is scheduled to open until May 5th .
Thank you.

▶ "Katakuri Gunsei no Sato" will be closed on April 30th.

▶ Kamafoot, Yatsu, Nishiki-cho, Semboku City"Katakuri Gunsei no Sato" is open from April 18, R4 (Monday), two days earlier than planned because the flowers have begun to bloom.

▶ Katakuri-kan HP →

Location ▶Nishikicho Yatsu / Kamafoot Katakuri colony

Please see here for "Reiwa 4th Year Katakuri Community" ▼

Updated on May 3 (Tuesday / holiday)

Shidarezakura tree has become a leaf cherry tree.

Location ▶ Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street

Updated on May 3 (Tuesday / holiday)

Someiyoshino cherry tree has become a hazakura.

Location ▶ Kakunodate Hinokinai River Embankment

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Mizubasho in Sashimaki Wetland, Sakura in Kakunodate Ochiai, Sakura in Tazawako Takano, Katakuri Nishiki

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Sakura in Hirosaki, Sakura in Kitakami Tenshochi, Sakura in Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street

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