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Kakunodate Sochinju Shinmeisha Setsubunsai 2022

角館總鎮守神明社 節分祭 2022

This year too, the "Setsubunsai" will be held to bring in "fortune" !

[Date] February 3, 4th (Thursday), Reiwa

[Place] Shinmeisha precincts

[Festival] 3:30 pm

[Awarding lucky bags] Around 4:20 pm We will award lucky bags (lucky beans, rice cakes, etc.) to all worshipers free of charge. (Up to one bag per person)

* We do not sow beans as a preventive measure against new coronavirus infections.

   * The number of lucky bags is limited.

When worshiping, please keep a distance so that worshipers do not get crowded, and wear a mask before coming to the venue.

Click here for the Setsubunsai flyer (PDF data) ⇊


The photo was taken last year.

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