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Kakunodate Hiburi-Kamakura 2024


Kakunodate Hiburi-Kamakura , a small New Year event in Kakunodate cho, Semboku City , is a fantastic festival in which gorgeous rings of fire dance in the snow, and the rings of fire that form one after another invite you to the world of a fairy tale on a winter night. Masu.
The festival begins with putting firewood in a furnace made of snow and burning it, then setting fire to a tenburu made of a long tree about 3 meters high wrapped in rice straw, etc., and standing in the snow. I wish you a safe year.
Hifuri involves attaching a rope about 1 meter long to a bale of charcoal, lighting the bale from the stove, holding the end of the rope, and swinging it around your body to pray for good health and the safety of your family.

About the venue

For the Reiwa Hiburi-Kamakura, we are planning to hold a Hifuri experience for tourists at the following main venues.
In addition, as of January 29, the venues for Reiwa are as follows. (This may change in the future)

○ Hiburi-Kamakura main venue

  1. East venue (burning only)
  2. West venue
  3. South venue
  4. North venue
  5. North venue (Yamane Town)
  6. Central venue (Nishikatsurakucho)
  7. Central venue (yokocho)
  8. Central venue (Nanakamachi)
  9. Central venue (Nishikatsurakucho 2nd ward)

Reiwa 6 “Kakunodate Hiburi-Kamakura” town map ⇊


○General venues (16 venues)

*You can check the approximate location of the venue on the Google Map below.

The main venue is shown in blue, the general venue is shown in orange, and locations where the event will not be held are shown in gray.

●[YouTube video] February 14, 2023 last year “Kakunodate’s Hiburi-Kamakura”

Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024

The "Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024" will be held touring seven winter festivals in the southern region of Akita Prefecture (Daisen City, Semboku City, Misato Town, Yokote City, and Yuzawa City).
If you collect two or more stamps and apply, 24 people will be entered into a lottery to win special products from the southern region of Akita Prefecture.
In Semboku City , the paper balloon raising in Kamihinokiuchi on February 10th and the Hiburi-Kamakura in Kakunodate on February 14th are eligible.
Please join us!

Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024 (Link to Akita Prefecture official website)

Kakunodate Kabazaiku Densyokan Square "Snow Park"

On the following dates, we are planning to set up a snow slide in the plaza in front of the Kakunodate Kabazaiku Densyokan to create a snow park that parents and children can enjoy together.
In addition, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry will be providing free food and drink (amazake, etc.) from 10:00 to 16:00 on February 10th and 14th.

  • Date and time: Reiwa 10th (Saturday) to February 14th (Wednesday), 2020

Tourism information: Hiburi-Kamakura(city-designated intangible folk cultural property)

[Contact information]

Semboku City Tourist Information Center “Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura” Phone: 0187-54-2700
Semboku City Tourism Division Phone: 0187-43-3352

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