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Kamihiki Kiuchi's Paper Balloon Raising 2024


What is the city-designated intangible folk cultural property “Kamihiko Kiuchi Paper Balloon Raising”?

There is no written record of this event, but legend has it that Gennai Hiraga, a scientist from the Edo period, introduced it as a game that applied the principles of hot air ballooning when he visited a copper mine to provide technical guidance.
About 60 giant paper balloons with lights on them, decorated with pictures of warriors and beautiful women, are filled with wishes for the coming year, such as "good health," "good harvest," and "safety for the family."They look like twinkling stars. It is an annual event that dances in the midwinter night sky.

Date▶ Reiwa, February 10, 2020

■ Venue ▶ Nishikicho Kamihinokiuchi Ojida (Paper Balloon Square)

■ Access ▶ From Kakunodate station, take the Nairikusen and get off at Kamihinokinai station, then walk 7 minutes.
* Regarding train times, we have announced that there will be a special increase in trains due to the Nairikusen``Kamihinoki no Paper Balloon Raising'' event! " Please refer to the.

■ Program
Venue open...15:00
・Shinto ritual ・Wish paper balloon corner (launched at 19:00)

Hometown entertainment announcement...15:30
・Ohayashi, folk song hand dance

Lunch balloon raising...16:40

Greetings from the Preservation Committee Chairman...17:40
Greetings from guests (Mayor of Senboku, Chairman of the Assembly)

Simultaneous launch...18:00

Simultaneous launch...19:00
Paper balloon launch with wishes written on it...19:00

Final launch...20:30

On the day of the event, there will be stalls and food trucks.

■ About parking and public transportation

  • The number of parking spaces for general vehicles is approximately 370, but the number may decrease due to weather or snowfall.
    There is a limited number of parking spaces, and heavy traffic congestion is expected, so please use the Akita Nairiku Jukan Tetsudo.

*Business operators operating buses such as group tours, and those arriving in large campers, etc. must reserve a parking lot in advance, but there are only 20 parking spaces (advance reservations required) for large, medium-sized, and microbuses. We are currently closed to accepting reservations.

■ On the day of the event , " Nairikusen Snow Art 2024 in Kamihinokiuchi" will be held in the rice field opposite the Akita Nairiku Line Kamihinokiuchi Station platform, so why not take a look at the snow art from the station platform after getting off the train?

● Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024

The "Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024" will be held touring seven winter festivals in the southern region of Akita Prefecture (Daisen City, Semboku City, Misato Town, Yokote City, and Yuzawa City).
If you collect two or more stamps and apply, 24 people will be entered into a lottery to win special products from the southern region of Akita Prefecture.
In Semboku City , the paper balloon raising in Kamihinokiuchi on February 10th and the Hiburi-Kamakura in Kakunodate on February 14th are eligible.
Please join us!

Akita Prefecture Southern Winter Festival Stamp Rally 2024 (Akita Prefecture Official Website)

■Contact information

Nishiki Tourist Information Center Phone: 0187-42-8480
Inquiries on the same day, February 10th Kamihusenkan Phone: 0187-49-2201 or 0187-49-2159

■Click here for event details (PDF)▼


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