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Hachirotaro Three Lakes Legend Festival


On Sunday , June 30th , Kazuno City's largest festival, the Hanawa Festival Float Event ( Hanawa Bayashi ) , the Hachiro Festival ( Katagami City ) and the Lake Tazawa Dragon God Festival ( Semboku City ) , which are events related to the Three Lakes Legend, will come together at the Kazuno Roadside Station! A spectacular collaboration event will be held featuring two majestic dragons and festival music.

The "Three Lakes Legend" connects Akita's three most famous lakes (Lake Towada, Tazawako, and Lake Hachirogata). It is a magnificent story about a young man named Hachirotaro who once lived in Kazuno, who transformed into a dragon and lived a turbulent life around the three lakes, until he met and fell in love with Princess Tatsuko.
On the day, Taroryu will appear from the Hachiro Festival ( Katagami City ) , and Tatsukoryu will appear from the Lake Tazawa Dragon God Festival ( Semboku City ) . They will parade around the venue to the accompaniment of Hanawa Bayashi music, and food from each area will be on sale.
Come enjoy this exciting festival collaboration right before your eyes.

【event date】
Sunday , June 30 , 2024 10:00 - 15:00
★There will be two collaboration demonstrations (① 11 : 00-11:30 / ② 13:00-13 : 30 )
※Light rain will be tolerated

Roadside Station Kazuno Antarra ( 11-4, Nittamachi, Hanawa, Kazuno City, Akita Prefecture )

【Admission fee】

[Departing and arriving at Tazawako station! We are looking for people to carry the dragon!]
To celebrate the event, we are looking for people to carry the Taroryu and Tatsukoryu dragons! Let's all have fun carrying them!
Target applicants: High school students and above
Experience time: about 15 minutes
Experience fee: Free
Click here to check the schedule and apply ♪ (Deadline: Tuesday , June 25 , 2024 *First come, first served.)

Event information