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Lake Tazawa Dragon God Festival


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We will be holding the Lake Tazawa Dragon God Festival, which is themed around the legend of Princess Tatsuko and Hachirotaro, who are connected to Tazawako!
In addition to a variety of stage shows and talk shows, there will be a whole host of fun events, including a gourmet corner with food trucks.
In addition, the "Lake Tazawa Fireworks" will light up the night sky and the surface of Tazawako.

◆Tatsuko Festival

July 27th (Sat) 10:00am

A graveside ceremony (Shinto ritual) will be held at the place where Tatsuko was born (inside the hospital) to introduce this year's Tatsuko actor.

◆ Gourmet space with food trucks

Exhibition period: July 27th (Sat) 11:00-21:00

◆Event Schedule

●11:00-15:00 Akita dog exhibition and interaction ●12:00-12:30 Street dance academy iLLSTUDIO
●12:45-13:15 Musical accompaniment "Fujiwara Gumi" Hand dance "Fujiwara Keiko Company"
●13:20-13:35 Rock-paper-scissors tournament with Brownon ●13:45-14:15 Camisole Brothers ●14:30-15:30 Ryuhashi Challenge ●16:00-16:30 BA5E
●16:30-17:00 Deep talk ●17:30-18:00 Creative Japanese drums Katsura group ●18:15-18:45 Shinya Mizoguchi (starRo)
●19:00~ Meeting of the Twin Dragons ●19:45~ Dragon Lantern Festival ●20:00~ Lake Tazawa Fireworks and DJ Dragon Night Festival


Tazawako Event Square

◆ Organizer

Lake Tazawa and Dragon God Festival Executive Committee ( Tazawako Branch of the Tazawako and Kakunodate Tourism Association)


By car: Approximately 60 minutes from Morioka IC

Public transportation: Take the Ugo Kotsu bus " Tazawako Loop Line", "Nyuto Line", "(Express) Tamagawa Line" or "Komagatake Line"

Get off at Tazawako bus stop. Approx. 12 minutes

◆Contact Information

Semboku City Tazawako Tourist Information Center "Folake" Tel: 0187-43-2111

◆ Links

Lake Tazawa Dragon God Festival Facebook page

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