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"Hirafuku open" group exhibition held by the Akita Prefecture writer!


At Hirafuku Memorial Museum of Art, exhibition from July 31, "Open Hirafuku - Group exhibition of Akita Prefecture writer -" will be held!

It will be the exhibition of a wide range of genres of contemporary artists 7 people working in Akita Prefecture.
[Such as ceramics, photographs, prints, illustrations, paintings, sculpture, installations]

Please have a look at this opportunity!

[Opening Ceremony] July 31 (Tuesday) 9 am -

[Workshop] August 4 (Saturday) scheduled to be held

[Venue] Kakunodate Hirafuku Memorial Museum of Art (Semboku City Kakunodate Omotemachikamicho 4-4)

[Hours] 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (admission until 4:30 pm)

[Admission] General (more than high school students) 300 yen Small, junior high student 200 yen ※ Senboku citizen is free

Contact Hirafuku Memorial Museum of Art Telephone: 0187-54-3888

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