Koshiraiwayaki and Wabei kiln exhibition held!

古白岩焼と和兵衛窯展 開催!

"Kobazaiku Densho Kiln Exhibition" is being held at "Kakukan Kabazaiku Denshokan".

Please take a look at the climate of Akita and the way people should be, which is the basis of Shiraiwa-yaki in the past and present, while its shape changes in various ways.

Venue Semboku City Kabazaiku Denshokan

Opening hours 9: 00-17: 00 Open all year round (* Admission is until 16:30)

Admission fee General (high school students and above) 300 yen Elementary and junior high school students 150 yen Free for Semboku citizens

Inquiries Kakunodate Birch Crafts Tradition Hall Phone: 0187-54-1700

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