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23rd Tozawa Shisai


Reiwa first year August 16, had been scheduled for (gold)

Summer Festival "Tozawa Shisai" of Nishiki is now canceled because of stormy weather expected.

It should be noted, fireworks only August 18 (Sun) held by changing the scheduled 19:30

Since I, look forward to by all means! !

Nishiki is Sengoku celebration named after the warlords Tozawa, who had ruled here Kitaura whole area, including the town.

Your mansion like a vassal-Ryomin in dressed the total of 200 people more than the house matrix, and starting a true temple, known as prayer stations, parade to the river park of the main hall via the Kadoya ruins of a castle. In addition, during the day, traditional arts and children of the fish of the gripping catching various events, such as at night will be held Bon dance and fireworks, and the like.

Time and content

14 hours, 00 minutes to the venue open
Grasp the bird of 30 minutes to fish at 14
30 minutes at 15 to house matrix admission
45 minutes at 15 to President greeting
15:00 50 minutes to reward bestowed ceremony of
16 hours, 00 minutes to Kurikko drum
16 hours 30 minutes to Kurikko live stage
17 00 minutes to Tazawako Dragon drum
17 hours 30 minutes to smiling children Garden Japanese style Lupine III Theme
17 hours 40 minutes to Asatomokai
18 00 minutes to Bon Odori
18 pm sink 50 minutes to lanterns
19 hours 30 minutes to fireworks

House matrix
30 minutes to the house matrix kick-off-type at 13 (true Temple), kick-off prayer
30 minutes at 15 to cypress Uchikawa river park arrival

Meeting place

Cypress Uchikawa river park (Semboku City Nishiki-cho Kadoya)

⇊ Tozawa Mr. Festival flyers here ⇊


Tozawa Mr. Festival Executive Committee Secretariat (Nishiki Tourist Information house) Telephone: 0187-42-8480

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