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TAZAWAKO SNOW ☆ PARK Tazawako Snow Park


Using the vast grounds of the Tazawako Lake Resort features

In this time was established, "Tazawako Snow Park",

So as to be able to feel free to safely get close to snow

"With the handle of the warp" and the track the tire tube

Gliding course of using "tubing",

You can enjoy making snowmen and mini-Kamakura

"Plastic toys" was also established a variety of snow play area stocked.

Reiwa first snow play, please use all means at this opportunity! !

"Field Sawa Lake scan node on path over click"

Operating period: until February 29, 2020

Charge: usage fee of tubing sled

4 hours 1,500 yen / 1 hour 1,000 yen

Opening hours: 13:00 to 17:00

Age: from 3 years of age or older children

* Weather, the snow conditions, there is the case that fiscal period are subject to change.

* There is a case to be a business pause by the bad weather.

* The use of children, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

* Protection against cold (wear, hats, gloves, snow boots, etc.) Please prepare.

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