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[New coronavirus infection to prevent the spread] city-related events, for the use, etc. of public facilities and shops


[There is a case of extension and change for the period] for the use of such as city public facilities (tourist and cultural facilities by the city to manage)

Murakko Bussan Museum was opened on June 6 (Saturday).
Katamaeyama shinrin Park, etc., Tazawako campground was opened in June 6 (Saturday). In addition, Jomon Forest AC Square for facility renovations, and for the time being Kyuen.

And use restriction facility (June 1, 2009) (PDF: 523KB)

· Designated management facility situation (June 1, 2009) (PDF: 70KB)

For city-related events events

As a result of the continuation of the current measures, but there is a difficulty in administrative management, etc., and with respect to those with less fear of the spread of infection, you want to be performed on that take sufficiently spread of infection prevention measures.
For more information, such as holding of various events, please contact the responsible each section.

"Bad enclosed space ventilated," "a lot of people crowded," "a conversation in a loud voice at close range", and ask that you will avoid the place where these three conditions overlap.
In addition, for those who appropriate even one of the following matters that are suspected as usual infection so far, thank you to refrain from participation.
(1) close contacts of the infected person, or a person (2) If the symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing can be seen of the doubt

The request to the company

To the city enterprise, to request consideration or vacation to employees involved in such as school closures, such as a school, the cooperation of such spread of infection prevention measures.

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Semboku City new coronavirus infection headquarters
• Yubinbango014-1298 Akita Prefecture Semboku City Tazawako Obonai shaped Miyanoushiro 30
• Phone: 0187-43-1115
• FAX: 0187-43-1300

Closed and reopened, such as store information [Kakunodate](PDF200KB)

Leave and rest, such as store information [Tazawako](PDF211KB)