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[Prevention of spread of new coronavirus infection] About city-related events, use of public facilities and stores, etc.


About use of city public facilities (tourist facilities and cultural facilities managed by the city) [The period may be extended or changed]

The Murakko Bussankan opened on Saturday, June 6th.
Lake Tazawa Campground, such as Katamae Forest Park, opened on Saturday, June 6th. In addition, Jomon no Mori Exchange Plaza will be closed for the time being due to facility renovation.

・ Restricted facilities (as of June 1) (PDF: 523KB)

・ Status of designated management facilities (as of June 1) (PDF: 70KB)

About city-related events and events

By continuing the current measures, we will take sufficient measures to prevent the spread of infection if there is a problem with administrative operations and there is little risk of the spread of infection.
For more information about holding various events, please contact each section in charge.

Please avoid places where these three conditions overlap, such as "a closed space with poor ventilation," "a large number of people are crowded," and "a loud conversation at a short distance."
In addition, please refrain from participating in those who fall under any of the following items that are suspected of being infected as before.
(1) Those who have close contact with the infected person or those who are suspected of having it (2) Those who have symptoms such as fever, coughing, and sneezing

Requests to companies

We request companies in the city to consider leave for employees due to school closures and to cooperate in measures to prevent the spread of infection.

Contact Us

Semboku City New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters
• 30 Miyanoushiro, Tazawako Obonai, Semboku City, Akita Prefecture 014-1298
• Phone: 0187-43-1115
• FAX: 0187-43-1300

Store information such as closure and resumption of business [Kakunodate] (PDF200KB)

Store information such as holidays and holidays [Lake Tazawa] (PDF211KB)