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【New release! ! ] Kakunodate Aoyagi house original jigsaw puzzle


To spread easy to understand the history of the charm of the local Kakunodate from the visual point of view to everyone across the country, this time three types of jigsaw puzzle Co., Ltd. Epoch like the cooperation of the original, became that I am allowed to newly released.

I think you'll Otsukuri an opportunity that can touch the culture of Kakunodate even a little while have in your home.

The Kakunodate the Kaitai Shinsyo Kinenkan in the Historic Village Aoyagi House there is a exhibition of dismantling Shinsho first edition book.

Committed to thorough-site health management, We will welcome you.

◎ fresh green is beautiful samurai residences Aoyagi family medicine physician Gate jigsaw puzzle

1980 yen + tax 300 piece 26x38cm (Akita Prefecture Cultural Property)

◎ dismantling Shinsho first edition this book frontispiece jigsaw puzzle

1980 yen + tax 100 Large piece 26x38cm

Painter in 1774 corresponding to relatives of Aoyagi house • of dismantling new book drawn by Naotake Odano book frontispiece

It was the first time the (Taheru • than Anatomia) jigsaw puzzle.

◎ Satoku Garden signboard dog Akita dog samurai round-kun jigsaw puzzle

1480 yen + tax 108 piece 18.2x25.7cm

Kakunodate Satoku Garden sold at garden and samurai houses Aoyagi house.

To ship inquiries Satoku garden.

0187 over 53 over 2230

In continue for some time With corona life, it is also available shipping and gift wrapping for gifts for loved ones to be many things to spend at home.