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Kakunodate chick Tour 2021 early exhibition and exhibition period

角館雛めぐり 2021 早期展示及び展示期間

This year also, February 20 (Saturday) to March 7 (Sunday) to Semboku Commerce and Industry Association hosted by "Kakunodate chick Tour business", prior to all the town to special public the dolls, early exhibition and exhibition period you we will introduce.

● ask with respect to the new coronavirus infection ●

For infectious diseases to prevent the spread, please help us to wear masks, hand disinfection of the finger.

By the situation of infection there is the case that the contents of the change and the exhibition is canceled.

※ The exhibition undetermined facility. Since I updated from time to time, please understand.
※ There is a case to change the exhibition period by store circumstances so please ask.

"Kakunodate chick Tour" early exhibition shop and exhibition period calendar (PDF data) ⇊


"Kakunodate chick Tour" will be on display and meals (confectionery) map (PDF data) ⇊