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Notice of winter schedule change for “Yumeguri-gou”


Nyuto-Onsenkyo“Yumeguri-gou ” is

We will switch to the winter timetable from November 13, 2023 (Monday) .

Regarding boarding methods and timetables,

Please check here.

*Notice of suspension of hot spring tour map sales

The bus `` Yumeguri-gou '' that circulates around Nyuto-Onsenkyo becomes very crowded in the winter, and can sometimes be full. Therefore, we will suspend the sale of the "Yumeguri Map" (a map that can be purchased by non-guests and allows you to ride the Yumeguri-gou on the same day only) until March 31st.

Yumeguri-cho(which can only be purchased by those staying at inns in Nyuto-Onsenkyo, and allows you to ride the Yumeguri-gou and take one day trip to each inn within the one-year validity period) is being sold as usual. Available.