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Winter hospitality project “Kakunodate Hina Meguri” Early exhibition stores and exhibition period

冬のおもてなし事業「角館雛めぐり」 早期展示店及び展示期間

This year, from February 17th (Saturday) to March 3rd (Sunday) , the "Kakunodate Hina Doll Tour Project" sponsored by the Kakunodate Semboku Commerce and Industry Association will hold an early exhibition and exhibition period in advance of the special exhibition of Hina dolls throughout the town. I would like to introduce you .

*Please contact us as the exhibition period may change depending on store circumstances.

“ Kakunodate Hina Touring Project”
Early exhibition store and exhibition period schedule (PDF data) ⇊


“Kakunodate Hina Meguri” exhibition schedule and meal (sweets) map ⇊


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