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At Kakunodate's Buke Yashiki Street, the president of Andojyozo Co., Ltd. will teach you about Akita's fermented food, including hands-on experience!


Why not learn about and experience Akita's fermentation culture, which flourished and has been passed down from generation to generation, on Kakunodate's Samurai Residence Street, which retains the atmosphere of the Edo period?

◎170 years since our founding! “Fermented food culture lecture” by the president of the historic “Andojyozo Co., Ltd.”!

・Learn about Akita's fermentation culture, which has been cultivated because of the deep snow in Tohoku.

・Fermentation has received worldwide attention in recent years. In addition to being shelf-stable, it's also good for health and beauty!

◎Includes an experience of making fermented food using “kankoji”!

You can ask the staff at Andojyozo Co., Ltd. everything about how to use it, recommended ingredients, storage methods, and more!

Improve shelf life, taste, and health benefits with just one effort! I would be happy if you could take this opportunity to become familiar with koji♪

◎ Kakunodate Samurai Residence Street retains the scenery from about 400 years ago!

・The streets lined with old samurai residences and black walls make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

・There are mansions, tea shops, and souvenir shops that you can tour, so we recommend taking a walk!

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Detailed information is available on the top page "Experience/See" ▶ On Kakunodate Samurai Residence Street, Andojyozo Co., Ltd. President Ando will teach! Akita fermented food course with experience

Venue: Former Ishiguro (Megumi) House