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田沢湖・角館 花紀行

Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival, Katakuri clumps of township-Sashimaki Mizubasho festival
Also held this year Izure of business was discontinued.

This year "Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival", "Katakuri clumps of township", "Mizubasho festival" of (2020) is now canceled from the point of view of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus infection. 7 prefectures "Emergency Declaration" (April 8 to May 6, 2009) is issued, it is also going out refrain request to other prefecture by prefecture.

From this new coronavirus infection, yourself and your family, also to prevent the infection of the personal belongings of everyone, thank you for your cooperation of going out self-restraint.

Overcome this crisis, next year "Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival" of the (2021) "Katakuri clumps of township", "Mizubasho festival" is to enjoy as before, thank you for your cooperation on top.


It had been scheduled to be held "Sakura Festival of Kakunodate" is

2020 under the influence of the expanding new coronavirus infection, "Cancel"

We will inform you that it has become.

Kakunodate Cherry Blossom Festival For more information, click here ⇊

Venue: samurai residence street and cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi

Michinoku Sandaisakura one of the attractions, Someiyoshino of Shidarezakura and cypress Uchikawa Tsutsumi of samurai residences street in Kakunodate is famous. About 1500 cherry trees are in full bloom, the entire town and in full bloom is dyed in cherry color.
Cherry blossom town Kakunodate
From over weeping cherry ed over the Origin of cherry
Origin of cherry over Someiyoshino Hen
Preservation and management of cherry blossoms

※ 4 May 9, 2009, cherry situation is bud. Bulge is considerably larger, it has colored.

The state of the current Sakura Learn ⇒ "Kakunodate Ekimae-Gura" in-Star grams

Cherry blossom forecast of Kakunodate(weather company information)

Sakura past flowering information of Kakunodate here (PDF212KB)

⇊ cherry-blossom viewing spot photo spot (PDF1.97MB) ⇊

Michinoku Sandaisakura attractions Homepage

Akita flower Journey (You can see the state of the flower) ⇒ Https://Www.City.Semboku.Akita.Jp/hanakiko/


Katakuri Township usual mid-April to May beginning of gregarious you can enjoy the flowers.

Venue: Nishiki-cho Hachitsu, legs bowed in

Opening of the park had been planned to "Katakuri clumps of township" is,

2020 under the influence of the expanding new coronavirus infection, "Cancel"

We will inform you that it has become.

It should be noted that, "Katakuri gregarious of the township" Please note that you can not penetrate to the park per private property.

If the original, of the country's largest carpet of such beautiful light purple color is spread on one side
Katakuri is a group of fabric. Although not able to opening of the park this year, next year in this beautiful scenery
Please look forward to that meet.


You can enjoy the flowers in May and early Sashimaki wetlands Skunk cabbage group of fabric every year in mid-April.

Venue: Tazawako Sashimaki

It had been scheduled to be held "Sashimaki Mizubasho festival" is

2020 under the influence of the expanding new coronavirus infection, "Cancel"

We will inform you that it has become.

In wetlands about 3 hectares surrounded by alder forests, in full glory is pure white flowers coming spring.
While walking on a landscaped tree road, you can see the skunk cabbage up close.
Tazawako Sashimaki wetlands (skunk cabbage)
(Discontinued) ⇊ Sashimaki wetlands Candle Night 2020⇊ (discontinued)
The following event is now canceled