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Winter tour - winter bolstered love of Iwate, Akita campaign -


Tazawako, Kakunodate area

And get the benefits with coupons brochure

Let Meguro deals! !

"Winter of prop Love Campaign"

Use of the benefits coupon January 9 (Saturday) to April 10 days until (Saturday)!

Hot Springs Gourmet shopping in! Discount service fees. All 56 Listings!

Brochure here (PDF data) ⇊

Coupons will be available be printed out (from 1/9)



Coupon with a brochure each of the other tourist office of Tazawako, Kakunodate,

There is also a place which is installed in such as way stations and tourist facilities.

In addition, even if the print-out is available.

In addition [Winter of prop Love campaign]

Gift certificate 5,000 yen gift

Iwate prefecture, Akita prefecture limited!

Application period we have a January 24, has ended.

Thank a lot of Thank you for your submissions.

Get the gift certificate in the lottery in the prefectures each 100 people (for a total of 200 people)! !
10 sheets gift certificate 500 yen ×
Iwate Prefecture, Akita Prefecture residents to present to each of 100 people a total of 200 people ※ Shizukuishi area four / Tazawako> area four / both areas common to two in the lottery

※ gift certificates are available at [Winter of prop Love campaign] benefits with coupons brochure (listed above PDF) facilities and stores of the 56 items listed in the

We end application period.

● lottery shipping 2021 January 28, ※ result of winning will let me instead of with a dispatch.
use the period 2021 February 1, 2006 to 2021 April 10

● Make the application of application conditions ①WEB only.
② we will assume Iwate and Akita Prefecture residents.
③ we will assume per person per time of application.

Sign up WEB limited
(Application form is here ↓) ⇒ has ended.

You can read the poster details (PDF data) ⇊


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