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~ Tazawako Plateau Snow Festival presents ~ Tazawa snow sculpture contest


Speaking of Tazawako Plateau Snow Festival "snow sculpture."

Although Tazawako Plateau snow festival was postponed to the next fiscal year, towards the visitors to local,

It will be held a snow sculpture contest of the migratory type to avoid the dense.

Held Period: 2021 February 20 (Sat) - 28 (Sunday) until 15

Team first prize number of votes was the highest, runner-up is the Excellence Award.

To one person in the lottery from among the people with us to vote than the "Yamanohachimitsuya" we will send you a gift.

Snow Sculpture title (team name) / exhibition facility name

Arai bear (bear of hand digging) / Kyukamura Nyuto-Onsenkyo

- now, trout go to see. (Grilled) / Tazawa Kogen Hotel

Winter winner (nocturnal) / Tazawako Skiing area

- a snowy field Whale (sea anemone) / Lodge Yama no Uta of

· Warm monkey (GYoKaI) / Pension Climber

· People to bring peace amabie (team AIU) / Yamanohachimitsuya

Voting method: WEB · ballot (one-time either you alone)

WEB vote here.

Installation ballot, the ballot box is in Tazawako Skiing area>

Tazawako Plateau Snow Festival Facebook is here.

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